Have Mats Will Travel


All’s well that ends well! We retrieved our mats, with some heartbreak and hassle.  At first they had only found mine, but when we went back later in the day, they had also found Doma’s. We were both pretty heartbroken (her more so, of course) to learn that only my mat had been found.  The thought of someone finding and keeping her yoga mat just felt so wrong, so counter yogi culture, so karmically negative! It wasn’t the case though and our faith in humanity was restored when we went back later in the day to find that the lovely man who had waited on us had it stashed behind the bar. Moving forward we vowed to keep better track of them!

We did make it to The Yoga Tree that day although we arrived in between class times and found that nobody was there.  The grounds were nice, the yoga studio looked basic – there were mats and props, and there was a small library area with floor cushions and a cat!

For more info on yoga spots you can check out Rene Smit’s blog about yoga in Chiang Mai. One of the best tips he gives is about free yoga in the Buan Haad Park from 4pm to sunset pretty much every day. It’s mostly a free play kind of thing with a bunch of yoga teachers or experienced yogis doing acro-yoga. If you are an acro-yogi, then you should definitely check it out!

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